Peak Aid: Panel Symposium. UKFIET. New College UKFIET
UKFIET 2019 Keith Lewin et al Panel September 17th 2019

Commonwealth – A Celebration of 60 Years of the Commonwealth Education Ministers Meetings. UKFIET/ New  College, Oxford September 17th 2019. Special issue of the Round Table International Journal of the Commonwealth
Keith Lewin SDG and the Commonwealth (Full Text) August31st 2019
Keith Lewin SDG4 and the Commonwealth (Abridged)August 31st 2019

20th Commonwealth Ministers Meeting (20CCEM). Ministerial Position Issues Paper co authored by Keith Lewin
Keith Lewin 20CCEM Thematic Issues Paper 2018

Unequal Access to Education: Accounting for Change and Counting Costs. A Paper in Appreciation of Chris Colclough
Keith M Lewin Unequal Access to Education – Counting the Cost – August 31st Draft

Association for the Development of Education in Africa. ADEA -Mastercard Presentations July 2019 Johannesburg Conference on Secondary Schooling in Africa


Sustainable Financing of Education – FreshEd Podcast November 2018


UKFIET BLOG: Is the Global Educational Outcomes Fund a Game Changer?
KeithLewin Review

UKFIET BLOG: Learning Matters and the World Development Report 2018: Is there a Learning Crisis?
KeithLewin Blog WDR 2018 April 8th 2018

UNESCO BLOG Global Education Monitoring Report:  Making Space for More and Better Aid to Education
Keith Lewin Making Space for Aid June 7th 2017 GEMR

BLOG:  Are the Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable?
UKFIETBlogKeith Lewin SDGs 2015Sep13thFINAL


Mastercard Foundation – Educational Efficiency in Sub Saharan Africa Secondary Education in Africa Research Programme 2019


Open Society Foundations Private Secondary Education in Malawi
PRISEM Report Nov 2013 Final draft

African Development Bank – Sustainable Educational Development in LICs, LMICs and UMICs; Dancing to an African Rhythm 2019
Keith Lewin LICS, LMICS, UMICs and the AEF July 2nd 2019 FinalJournal of International Development – Brazil. September 2019
Pesquisa e Debate em Educação (Research and Debate in Education)
Ajuda a Educacao e ao Desenvolvi mento Sustenta?vel Keith Lewin

African Education Fund Feasibility Study (Full Version on Request to KL )

Aid to Education and Sustainable Development 2018
Aid to Education and Sustainable Development – Global Background Paper 201

Monograph for the Global Partnership for Education
The Educational Challenges of Transition – Global Partnership for Education KL 2017

Paper for Sixth World Comparative Education Forum, Beijing September 2017

BNU Keith Lewin Aid to Education and Comparative Education Beijing Normal September 2017

KeithLewin Plenary PPT Beijing Normal September 2017

Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

Educational Challenges in Transition GPE Keith M Lewin

Curriculum, Development and the Emperor’s New Clothes. University of Braga, International Conference on Education and Development
Keith Lewin Paper The Emperor’s New Clothes – Curriculum Reform and Development, University of Braga, Portugal

Privatising Education

Book Chapter
Keith Lewin Privatising Educational Services for the Poor University of Illinois 2017

Results Based Financing – Oslo Education Week, June 16th, 2016Panel on Results Based Finance
Results Based Finance – Panel Discussion Notes Keith Lewin Oslo

Unlocking Potential: Addressing Challenges in Secondary Education; Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India wit DFID; March 15, 2016: National Conference with the Secretary and Joint Secretary (Secondary)
Seven papers for RMSA-TCA by Keith Lewin, Gaurav Siddhu, Shashiranjan Jha and Joanna Härmä

0. Synthesis Equity in Access and Learning in India
1. Making it Past Elementary Education
2. Demographic Transition and Education Planning
3. Equity and Efficiency in Expansion of Secondary Schools
4. Efficient School Siting Using GIS Modelling
5. Cost and Equity in Accessing Secondary Education
6. The Shifting Terrain of Public and Private Provision
7. Private Tuition Extent, Patterns and Determinants

Papers for the Comparative and International Education Conference (CIES) 

Vancouver March 5th-11th

  1. Panel on Expanding Secondary Education Keith Lewin, Albert Motivans, Jordan Naidoo, Eve Oberg and Ian McPherson

Monday March 7th Grand Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel

CIES 2016 Keith Lewin Setting the Scene Panel Briefing

CIES-2016 Jordan Naidoo Making the Case

CIES 2016 Eva Oberg DFID Support for Secondary

2. CIES Panel on Repositioning Curriculum in the Global Dialogue on Sustainable Development

Keith Lewin, Henry Levin, Steve Heyneman Joshua Muskin Aaron Benavot

Monday March 7th 11.30 am Orca Room

CIES 2016 Keith M Lewin Curriculum, assessment, and the sustainable development goals

3. CIES Globalisation SIG Presentation

Monday 7th March 13.30 pm

CIES 2016 Keith M Lewin Education for Sustainable Development or Sustainable Educational Development


4. GPE Panel Co-Chair Karen Mundy and Keith M Lewin; Panel: Pauline Rose, Ian McPherson, Ann Guison-Dowdy; Discussants Nick Burnett 

Wednesday 9th March 9.45 am Pavillion Ballroom C


Papers for UKFIET Conference September 2015 

Session: Goals and Indicators Post 2015 Open Society Foundations / UKFIET

Session: Universalising Secondary Education in India: Seeking Efficiency, Effectiveness and Equity in Planning Enhanced Access and Improved Quality

UKFIET proposal
6 Page Policy Brief Feb 2015 RMSA TCA
Secondary Education in India Lewin Siddhu Jha RMSATCA 2015

Other Recent Papers and Presentations

School Drop Out PreventionProject USAID
September 9th September 10th, 2015
Washington DC

Teachers and Teacher Development Conference, Jakarta August 2015
Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP)
the Ministry of Education, Jakarta, the Asian Development Bank et al

KeithLewin. Teachers and Development Indonesia- ADB -Aug19th

South East Asia Ministers Meeting (SEAMEO) October 2014

Equity Learning and Development K Lewin SEAMEO FINAL301014

Papers on Low Price Private Schools

University of Illinois Conference on Privatisation
Keith Lewin Privatising Educational Services for the Poor Uni Illinois[1]

Private Schools in Malawi

PERIMalawiWP-61_Increasing Access to Secondary School Education in Malawi
Private Secondary Schools Malawi IJED

G20 Papers
Making Rights-Low Price G20

Papers and Summaries related to the 18th Commonwealth Minsters Meeting, Mauritius 28-31 August 2012

* Presentation 1: Revisiting the Internationally Agreed Targets (IAGs) for Education post 2015 (.doc)
*Bridging the financial gap: implications for equity and access Panel presentation and discussion (.doc)
New Technologies and Knowledge Acquisition and Use in Developing Countries (.doc) by Keith Lewin. First published in Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, Volume 30, Issue 3: 313-321,  2000

Historic Patterns of Development

Patterns of Growth Keith Lewin 1988 FinalDoc

Uganda Post Primary Expansion

Uganda Post Primary Expansion Lewin July2002

University of Sussex Inaugural Professorial Lecture

 Keith Lewin – Knowledge Matters for Development