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Paper: Does Privatizing Educational Services for the Poor Make Sense?


Wednesday 0830-10.30 South School

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE): driving the Sustainable Development Agenda through a multi-stakeholder approach
» Karen Mundy (Global Partnership for Education), Raphaelle Martinez (Global Partnership for Education), Talia de Chaisemartin (Global Partnership for Education) Chair: Sharon Tao

Discussant: Keith M Lewin


Wednesday 13:30 – 15:00 East School

BAICE Question Time: Panel

Professor Keith Lewin, a past President of BAICE,
Professor Fazal Rizvi, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Social Sciences
Professor Michele Schweisfurth, Chair of the Board of Trustees for UKFIET


Thursday 11:00 – 12:30 Room 6

Assessment and the SDGs
Manos Antoninis

Assessing Learning for Sustainable Development: Curriculum Reform, High Stakes Assessment, Global Indicators and Real Facts

Presenter:  Keith Lewin – (Centre for International Education, University of Sussex)


Thursday 13:30 – 15:00 Room 9

Challenges and progress in monitoring SDG target 4.7

Bryony Hoskins (University of Roehampton), Ralph Carstens (IEA), Mario Piacentini (OECD), Manos Antoninis (Global Education Monitoring Report), Christophe Cornu – Discussant (UNESCO), Lanora Callahan (University of Roehampton),

Keith Lewin – Discussant (Centre for International Education, University of Sussex), 

Silvia Montoya – Discussant (UNESCO UIS)