Keith M Lewin
Emeritus Professor of International Development
and Education

University of Sussex, United Kingdom

email: k.m.lewin@sussex.ac.uk

Fellow of the U.K. Academy of Social Sciences, Chartered Physicist
Chair, Board of Trustees: UK Forum for International Education and Training 2017-20
Past President, British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE)
email: k.m.lewin@sussex.ac.uk

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Welcome to the website of Keith Lewin who has been at Sussex University since 1972 where he  developed and directed the Centre for International Education for 17 years. Keith was the founding convenor of the Sussex International Masters in Education and Development in 1979. He has supervised more than 50 PhD students and is the author of more than 200 journal articles, research monographs, reports and books.

Keith holds a first class degree in Physics and a Masters in Science Policy and Development from Manchester University, and a PhD from Sussex University. He was the first graduate scholarship holder at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex. He is a Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences and a Chartered Physicist. He chaired the Trustees of the UK Forum for International Education and Training (UKFIET) from 2017-2020. He is a former President and Honorary Fellow of the British Association of International and Comparative Education (BAICE). He was awarded a prize for the best journal article on Africa in 2013 by the Comparative and International Education Society of North America.

Keith has worked extensively on education and development since the early 1970s on assignments for the World Bank, DFID, Australian Aid, UNICEF, UNESCO, GIZ, SIDA and the African Development Bank and other major bilateral and multilateral aid agencies. He has been a senior technical advisor to Ministries of Education across Africa and South and South East Asia. He is an honorary Professor in Beijing and Hangzhou in China since the early 1990s and was a senior research advisor to the RMSA/TCA of the Ministry of Human Resource Development in India. Recently he was a senior advisor to the African Development Bank on educational financing.

Keith conceived and led the DFID funded Research Consortium for Educational Access, Transitions and Equity (CREATE). This multi-country research programme was designed collaboratively to undertake research on educational access, participation and outcomes in low income countries. It has developed systems analysis tools that provide new perspectives on transitions in the reach and impact of education systems and the political economies that determine whether innovations are pedagogically, socially and economically sustainable. CREATE maintains an extensive website capturing its research findings and linking to free downloads on education and development. Its research has been widely recognised:

“CREATE has been one of the best research investments in education made by DFID and has contributed greatly to the work of national governments and other development agencies over the past decade”. Michael Ward, Senior Policy Analyst, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills and formally senior education advisor to DFID.

Keith’s work with multi-lateral institutions has included co-chairing the Educational Financing Round Table at the Jomtien World Conference on Education for All (1990), co-convening the Financing Secondary Education panel at the Dakar World Education Forum (2020), and acting as senior technical advisor to the Commonwealth Ministers sub-committee on the Sustainable Development Goals for Education leading up to the Incheon World Education Conference (2015). He has been a frequent contributor to the activities of the International Institute of Educational Planning in Paris and has written two volumes (1987, 2015) for their Fundamentals of Educational Planning flagship series.

Keith’s main research interests include: educational financing, educational planning, fiscal reform for education, aid to education, programme evaluation, science education,  assessment and secondary teacher education. He has recently been working on sustainable educational development and external financing in Africa and South Asia; system change theory;  educational indicators and targets; expanded access to secondary education in India; basic education in China; and aid to education for states in transition from low to middle income status.

Recent downloads

Lewin K M 2022 Blog: Fixing the education financing trap

ODI Research Report (September, 2022) Escaping the Low Financing Trap; Strategies for Development in Low Income Countries

See also video on the financing trap on the “Blog and Video” tab above

Lewin K M (2022) It is time to fix the low financing trap: public spending on education revisited. Journal of International Cooperation in Education
Keith Lewin Escaping the financing trap FINAL Oct 25th JICE

Lewin K M (2023) Using a systems approach to education and development;  insights from a multi-country research programme on access and learning. Presentation to the annual meeting of the CIES in Minnesota in April 2022. Pre Publication Draft
Evolution of Systems. PP Draft Keith Lewin March 18th 2022

Launch of the Centre for the Study of Global Development at the Open University, March 23rd, 2022

See. https://keithlewin.net/events/

Launch of Global Education Monitoring Report 2022 – Blog on Non-State actors for GEMR March 1st 2022  Non-state actors GEM Report 2022

Other material at

BLOG Conference of the Parties (COP 26) 2021

Climate change conference Blog on Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Joining up the Dots and seeing beyond Radio Gaga
Sustainable Educational Development UKFIET Oct25 2021

The IJED debate: Aid Futures: Agencies, Architectures and Modalities beyond 2021 DATE: September 13th, 2021 TIME: 16.30 (BST); 15.30 (UTC); 11.30 (EST)

Stephen P Heyneman, Vanderbilt University Editor-in-Chief of IJED (Chair) formerly lead education policy and lending for MENA and Europe and Central Asia for World Bank
Keith M Lewin, University of Sussex, former Chair of Trustees UKFIET and former Director of DFID Research Centre on Access, Equity and Transitions in Education
Nick Burnett, Senior Fellow at the Results for Development Institute, Chair of the Governing Board of IIEP, former World Bank and UNESCO manager
Karen Mundy, incoming Director International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), University of Toronto (OISE) and former Chief Technical Advisor, GPE
Moses Oketch, Co-Director Centre for Education and International Development, UCL Institute of Education, and former Director of Research at African Population and Health Centre
Sally Gear, Head of Profession, Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office, former Chair of GPE Grants and Performance Committee, policy lead Girls’ Education Challenge

VIDEO of the event on line as below (you need to click through and register free with Elsevier)


UKFIET Conference 2021 

UKFIET Symposium on What Works for Whom? Re-imagining Research Methods. Smart Buys, Great Sales and Special Offers: Cost-Effective Approaches to Improve Global Learning Full Paper. Smart-buys-great-sales-and-special-offers-Keith-Lewin-FV-FINAL-Full-Version-Sept6th 2021

Keith Lewin’s UKFIET short blog https://www.ukfiet.org/2020/smart-buys-great-sales-and-special-offers-cost-effective-approaches-to-improve-global-learning


World Bank Seminar
Beyond business as usual for aid to education: Who pays for what? 
Education GP and 1818 Society Online | Thursday February 4, 2021 | 12:30 – 2:00 PM| Washington, DC Time Invitation at World Bank Seminar Flyer
Paper in IJED  Free download of pdf here:

Lewin K M (2021). Unequal Access to Education: Accounting for Change and Counting Costs A Tribute to Chris Colclough[1] Website draft full version
Keith M Lewin Unequal Access to Education March Full version – Web
Tribute to Chris Colclough – Passing On

CIES 2021 April 26th 2021

  1. Educational Finance and Planning 

Highlighted Session: Reshaping educational financing for development: responsible and responsive aid. Mon, April 26, 2021

Beyond business as usual: aid to education for sustainable development – Keith Malcolm Lewin, University of Sussex
Can the international education architecture be made to work? – Nicholas Burnett, Results for Development Institute
Aid architectures and national planning – Suzanne Grant Lewis, International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) UNESCO
Discussant Professor Karen Mundy, Toronto University
Chair Stephen P. Heyneman, Vanderbilt University

World Bank Seminar: Beyond business as usual for aid to education: Who pays for what? 
Education GP and 1818 Society Online | Thursday February 4, 2021 | 12:30 – 2:00  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0738059320304065
Draft paper: Keith M Lewin Beyond Business as Usual IJED 2020 Draft
Video https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AP99njTvMNHTY7I&id=CC4FE59BD6B00E08%21116776&cid=CC4FE59BD6B00E08
International Journal for Educational Development Invited Lecture:
Beyond business as usual: Aid to education in Africa
Invitation at:
IJED Webinar – Keith Lewin for March 18th 2021 1400 UTC:GMT
Video on line (Register with Elsevier to play)
Keith M Lewin Beyond Business as Usual IJED 2020 Draft

2. Covid-19 Session

A global reset: Covid-19 and the future of education and learning
Special issue of Prospects Vol 49 17-24.  Lead article Lewin K M Contingent reflections on the coronavirus and priorities for educational planning and development. CIES 2021 on Monday, April 26, 11:45am to 1:15pm PDT (8:45 to 10:15pm CEST)

Invited Paper: Prospects UNESCO Contingent reflections on Coronavirus
Keith Lewin CIES IBE Covid

Lewin K M (2021). Unequal Access to Education: Accounting for Change and Counting Costs A Tribute to Chris Colclough[1] Website draft full version
Keith M Lewin Unequal Access to Education March Full version – Web
Tribute to Chris Colclough – Passing On

Norrag podcast: Peak aid, catalytic change and sustainable educational financing https://www.norrag.org/just-released-norrag-podcast-episode-08-peak-aid-catalytic-change-and-sustainable-educational-financing/ and video

Sustainable Financing of Education – FreshEd Podcast November 2018

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Keith Lewin discusses Private Schools for the Poor and their Limits to Growth
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Recent Books and Articles

Two Decades of Basic Education in China
Springer 2017

Educational Access, Equity, and Development: Planning to Make Rights Realties.
International Institute for Educational Planning 2015

Educational Development in India under RMSA 2017
Synthesis Equity in Access and Learning in India

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email: k.m.lewin@sussex.ac.uk