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Lewin K M (2022) Blog: Fixing the education financing trap

Lewin K M (2021) Global Education Monitoring Report 2021  Non-state actors GEM Report

Lewin K M (2021) Conference of the Parties COP26
Sustainable Educational Development blog COP26

Lewin K M UK (2020) UKFIET Symposium on What Works for Whom? Re-imagining Research Methods. Smart Buys, Great Sales and Special Offers: Cost-Effective Approaches to Improve Global Learning.

Short blog
Full Paper. Smart-buys-great-sales-and-special-offers-Keith-Lewin-FV-FINAL-Full-Version-Sept6th 2021
Smart Buys KL June 21st Question for GEEAP

Lewin K M (2019) UNESCO: Prospects. Planning and Coronavirus    August 2020

Lewin K M (2018) Is the Education Outcomes Fund a Game Changer? UKFIET Blog

Lewin K M (2018) Learning Matters and the World Development Report 2018
Blog for UKFIET and Education International
Full version: KeithLewin Blog WDR 2018 April 8th 2018
Lewin K M (2018) Learning Matters and the World Development Report. UKFIET Blog also on Education International“learning-matters-and-the-world-development-report-2018”-by-keith-lewin

Blog: Making space for more and better aid  Better Aid.
Lewin K M (2017) Making Space for More and Better Aid to Education. Global Education Monitoring Report:\

Blog Sustainable Development  Sustainable Development

Lewin K M 2019 Blogs:  Peak Aid

Sustainable Financing of Education – FreshEd Podcast November 2018

Lewin K M (2018) Education Financing Gaps and How to Fix Them. FreshEdPodcast. November 2018 Tokyo

Norrag podcast: and video


International Journal for Educational Development Invited Lecture:
Beyond business as usual: Aid to education in Africa
Invitation at:
IJED Webinar – Keith Lewin for March 18th 2021 1400 UTC:GMT
Video on line

Beyond business as usual for aid to education: who gets what and why? World Bank Seminar February 4th 2021 Video on line

Lewin K M (2019) CIES (USA) Webinar on Tax, aid and privatisation (March2020):

Lewin K M (2018) Video/u-tube Learning Matters and the World Development Report Revisited

Lewin K M (2017) Making Space for More and Better Aid to Education. Global Education Monitoring Report:\

Lewin K M (2015) Are the Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable? UK Forum for Education and Training

Lewin K M (2016) Education and Sustainable Development or Sustainable Educational Development. Comparative and International Education Society of North America

Sustainable Development (Radio Podcast 25 mins)   KLSustainable Development Podcast (Compressed)

Academician of the Social Sciences

The Joyce Cain Award Comparative and Internaional Education Society, United States of America.

All Party U.K. Parliamentary Group on Education for All

Post 2015 Commonwealth Ministerial Working Party

BBC News Summary of Debate onFor Profit Private Schools for the Poor  December 5th,  2012

Limits to Growth of Private for Profit Schools

Low Fee Private Schools – Keith Lewin on Vimeo.