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Escaping the Low Financing Trap

Two lectures based on research on the low financing trap

Videos at

Part 1 Low financing trap

Part 2 Low financing trap

ODI Blog and the Full Report on which the presentations are based

Beyond business as usual

Link to World Bank lecture on Beyond Business as Usual; Aid and Financing Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Video link at authkey=%21AP99njTvMNHTY7I&id=CC4FE59BD6B00E08%21116776&cid=CC4FE59BD6B00E08

Link to three Videos on Planning Secondary School Expansion


Making Rights Realities: Researching Access and Equity

* Presentation 1: Revisiting the Internationally Agreed Targets (IAGs) for Education post 2015 (.doc)

*Bridging the financial gap: implications for equity and access Panel presentation and discussion (.doc)

New Technologies and Knowledge Acquisition and Use in Developing Countries (.doc) by Keith Lewin. First published in Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, Volume 30, Issue 3: 313-321,  2000

Keith Lewin Making Rights Realities Presentation